Northern Assembly

Dina Dánialsdóttir | Andreas Bevan

Jesper Smalbro | Jens Hedegaard


From the wild Faroe Islands of the Atlantic, to the picturesque English village, to the stunning Norwegian fjords and to the highlands of Africa – Andreas and Dina, the front singers in Northern Assembly, have never had one place to call home.

Meeting up in Denmark with Jesper, from the northern Danish coast and Jens from the stoic southern Jutland, this band indeed is a Northern Assembly.


Now, over a hundred concerts later, we are no longer random Nordic people thrown together by fate, but a family bound by a passion for music and an unshakable trust.


We claim that love is universal; so is music. Calling it a cliché does not make it less true.
We aim to pass it on. 


Northern Assembly

Andreas, Dina, Jesper, Jens

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